Saturday, June 13, 2020

June 13

22 Years

I wrote this blog post several years ago. I have added to it each year.  It's good to remember......

1st year (1998-1999) our first little rental house in Gordo that we worked on so hard to make a home. Bible studies with the sweet students from Gordo. Going to Grace Church in Tuscaloosa and making some lifelong friends. Oh...and we can't forget the air conditioner never working... :)

2nd year (1999-2000) we bought our first house in Oxford, both of us had new teaching jobs, WOW...what a year that was.

3rd year (2000-2001) we got a new titles...mommy and daddy. Abigail Grace was born.

4th year (2001-2002) another baby girl...Erin Rebekah was born, and Dave began seminary at New Orleans.

5th year (2002-2003) and another baby :) Samuel David, our baby boy was born, we lived in the little apartment in Alexandria, and learned to manage 3 babies together. Dave began full time ministry at Hill Crest.

6th year (2003-2004) bought a new house in Weaver, Dave went to Germany on his first overseas mission trip.

7th year (2004-2005) busy raising babies, working...ahh the simple life.

 8th year (2005-2006) started homeschooling. Abby's first year of school.

9th year (2006-2007) Dave's graduation from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Erin's first year of school, Grandaddy White died.

10th year (2007-2008) Began leading the college ministry at Hill Crest, went to Disney world with Ken, Ann and the boys. Samuel started school.

11th year (2008-2009) became a part of Grace Fellowship. Began working with Campus Outreach at JSU. Dave started teaching at Donoho.

12th year (2009-2010) so much happened this year, but the main thing was that we learned what the words we said on on our wedding day "in sickness and in health" really meant. We went to Hawaii with the Donoho Band and Choir, I had major surgery, Dave went to Russia on his 2nd overseas mission trip, Dave was diagnosed with cancer.

13th year (2010-2011) we tag teamed school in Houston, lots of family time, watching God heal Dave through his fabulous doctors.

14th year (2011-2012) Dave had surgery to remove tumor, we moved back home, realized there was no "normal" anymore, began learning how to live life after cancer, Dave had clear scans.

15th year (2012-2013) another surgery for Dave, Clear scans, continuing to learn what normal is after cancer, we became the parents of a teenager. 

16th year  (2013-2014) clear scans for Dave, we became the parents of another teenager.

17th year (2014-2015) started working with youth ministry, clear scans for Dave, I took some biology classes at Gadsden State, Erin had surgery, all three kids were in the band.

18th year (2015-2016) kids started school at Donoho, another clear scan for Dave, we became the parents of a 3rd teenager, I went back to work after being home for 15 years, Dave's sister Brenda died. Abby got her drivers license.

19th year (2016-2017) Erin got her 15 year drivers permit and had another surgery. Samuel started playing basketball and was baptized. Abby went to all state and her first prom. I started teaching at Lincoln High School. We sold our house and bought a new one. Dave had clear scans!

20th year (2017-2018) Abby graduated from Donoho. Samuel got his permit. Erin went to her first prom. Erin got her license. Samuel started school at Lincoln.  Dave left his job at Grace Fellowship and began working toward his masters in music at Colorado State.  I continued teaching at Lincoln and loved Samuel being there with me. Dave's jazz band recorded at the Nutthouse Studio in Muscle Shoals.  We had our first big snow on Glenwood Terrace!  We took a road trip after graduation, up to Washington, DC and New York City.

21st year (2018-2019) Erin graduated from Donoho. Abby and Erin were baptized.  Abby started working full time at Big Springs Dental.  Dave continued working on his masters, spent several weeks of the summer in Colorado. Dave and I went to MD Anderson for his yearly scan where he had Clear scans!!  Samuel got his license. Terrible tornados ravaged Jacksonville. We were able to help with clean up.We went to Disney World with Ken, Ann, and the boys. 

22nd year (2019-2020) Samuel started singing and playing guitar.  Erin started school at JSU. Abby got engaged to Wyatt. I was awarded CTE new teacher of the year. Dave became the band director at Jacksonville High School. Samuel will be a senior!!

I like to look back at this post and add to it each year. We have had a good life together. Here's to many more, Dave! Happy 22nd anniversary!

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June 13

22 Years I wrote this blog post several years ago. I have added to it each year.  It's good to remember...... 1st year (1998-1999) o...